Get weekly chiropractic care for $20/month. No upsells.

Instead offering expensive appointments to relieve pain, we provide routine adjustments for people who enjoy chiropractic and want to affordably make it part of their lifestyle.

You control your membership and can cancel anytime without extra fees. You can even pause and restart your membership as needed.

Routine Care Re-Imagined

Spinal manipulation (what chiropractors call “adjustments”) has been shown in published research to be useful for head, neck, and back pain and to improve movement and coordination (such as reducing spine stiffness, improving joint position sense, improving muscle recruitment and contraction efficiency, and improving upper extremity range of motion). But, chiropractic clinics are designed for treating pain and injuries, so appointments need time for examination, consultation, and exercise demonstrations. While this is a good approach for pain and injuries, it’s too expensive for routine, ongoing use.

In contrast, we use a simple self-pay subscription model and keep a narrow focus on routine care. This means we can utilize short appointment times and pass the cost savings onto you while avoiding insurance hassles and limitations.

How It Works

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You control your membership and can cancel anytime. You can even pause and restart your membership as needed.

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